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        How to Remove Foggy Water Vapor from Windshield by Road Sweeper

        Clicks:163   author:Focus   Release time:2018/12/25
        Sweeping operation time is usually night or early morning. Whether it is windy or rainy, road sweepers work every day. With the arrival of winter and the decrease of temperature, the cab glass of sweeping operation rises. Many sweepers are worried about the fog on the windows and front shield, because it directly blocks sight and affects driving safety. Many people wipe with a cloth while driving, which not only causes fog to regenerate, but also distracts their attention and causes accidents. In fact, there are many ways to deal with the fog, the following Xinjiang dust-free cleaning machine for you to share a few common treatment methods, I hope to help you.

        1. Defogging of air conditioning system

        Air-conditioning is the most common method of defogging. Open the cold air to blow the glass, the defogging effect is very direct. But the people in the car will also feel very cold. If the moisture in the car does not disperse, the fog will appear on the glass again soon. The effect of blowing glass with hot air is better than that with cold air, but the effect is slower than that with cold air. When the hot air dries the moisture in the car, the glass will not fog for a long time. In the parking state, first turn on the hot air, then pick up the cloth and wipe it once again. In addition, opening the external circulation during driving can also prevent fog to a certain extent. In addition to the front windshield, the side windows will also fog, the fog on the front side windows will affect the driver's observation rearview mirror. Nowadays, automobiles have a single air outlet to blow front and side windows, but generally it is very small. If the effect is not obvious, two central air outlets can be closed, so that the air outlets on both sides can get larger air output.

        2. Window Convection

        If the fog is not big and the temperature outside the car is not very low, the windows on both sides can be lowered to a certain extent, so that the air in the car convection, the temperature inside the car slowly approaching the temperature outside the car, the fog will dissipate.

        3. Antifogging of Polyester

        The method of blending "antifogging agent" to prevent fog has been well known by many people. The ratio of detergent to water is about 1:10, then apply it on the inside of front and back windshield with degreased cotton or clean soft cloth, and wipe off the remaining water marks on the inside of the glass after drying. Cooperate with air-conditioning, the effect will be better.